Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Femi-Nazis of Tomorrow, Today

I will add no comment to this other than to point out that very likely some libtard parents somewhere in San Fran or Brooklyn or Madison, WI are bragging to their friends that little Ellie has starred in this cutting edge advocacy campaign.

"Tourist Sight Disturbance" in Canada??

Oh shit, the Tea Party has come to Canada...
OTTAWA, Ontario (AP) -- Police and witnesses say a gunman has shot a Canadian soldier standing guard at the National War Memorial in Ottawa.
Witnesses also said the gunman entered Parliament and shots rang out. Royal Canadian Mounted Police warned people in downtown Ottawa to stay away from windows and rooftops.
Call me a racist, hate-filled wing-nut but guessing the "gunman" might turn out to be Muslim...
The shooting, which happened shortly before 10 a.m., comes just two days after two Canadian soldiers were run over - and one of them killed - in Quebec by a man with jihadist sympathies.
How do you say "work-place violence" and "man-made disaster" in Canadian?

UPDATE:  I should have never underestimated those awesome Canucks, their media came right out and said it - the shooter was a Muslim and what he did was terrorism - no pussy-footing.  I should have never underestimated our good friends up north, although, with the Mark Steyn Inquisition stuff and all the other cow-towing to Islam, I just couldn't be certain.  I guess when it really matters, the Harper government wouldn't stand for willful blindness.  Sadly and predictably, the same cannot be said for our disastrous leadership.

Monday, October 20, 2014

I Was Right Again

I have long pointed out that the principal piece of evidence for Obama's intellectual mediocrity (actually, "wisdom deficit" is really a better way to term it) is his complete ignorance and disregard for the notion that if all you ever do is talk, at some point people see your words as meaningless.

I think we have officially reached that point.  They're walking out on him in Upper Marlboro, MD??  Wow and ouch.  (NB:  if you've ever been to Upper Marlboro, you know, it's Obama Country, big time.)

Friday, October 17, 2014


We don't need no stinking optics.

So the brains behind Joe Biden is the new Ebola Czar????

UPDATE:  It gets better.

Janet Yellen Greatly Concerned About Something That Isn't Her Job To Be Concerned About

Janet Yellen has hopped on the income inequality bandwagon.  Three thoughts.

1)  What data are you using for this concern Janet, the Gini Coefficient?  Yes, looks scary.

2)  Janet, are you speaking as a private citizen in re income inequality?  I sure hope so, because it is not your job as Federal Reserve Chairwoman to concern yourself over it.

3)  Yeah, we know it's bad out there, those Democrats sure know how to screw the little guy over in favor of the rich...

Now It All Makes Sense...

Here is a connection I bet you didn't know about...the head of the hapless CDC...he's the infamous (at least here in NYC) bureaucratic point-man behind Nanny Bloomberg's soda ban.  Yes, Thomas Frieden was former NYC Commissioner of Health...
One name that hasn’t surfaced yet in respect of the floundering by the federal government in the face of Ebola is Michael Bloomberg . Yet it was the former mayor of New York City who gave the nation Thomas Frieden , who is one dangerous doctor and is the middle of the catastrophe. Mr. Bloomberg made him New York City’s [commissioner of Health and Mental Hygiene], which is a post that tries to re-educate New Yorkers so that they will accept passively living like socialists.
Now Dr. Frieden directs the Centers for Disease Control, where he wants to do the same thing. . . .
[T]he CDC budget has soared more than 200% since 2000 to $7 billion. The Centers, moreover, are squandering this lucre (which was seized from the American public using the taxes) on regulating motorcycle helmets, video games, and playground equipment, as if any of that has anything to do with diseases. No wonder that when Ebola hits, the CDC seems to be staggering.
Thanks to the NY Sun for unearthing this connection and the WSJ for highlighting it.  Also, kudos to the WSJ for their editorial yesterday that was both on point and hilarious...
On Wednesday the World Health Organization warned of the threat of a global plague, which can cause “vomiting, marked hypocalcemia, metabolic acidosis, convulsions and, in rare cases, even death.” Ebola? No, the WHO culprit is the overconsumption of energy drinks. 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

I Feel Somewhat Vindicated With All the "End of Obama" Stuff

Remember the many times I said that when all is said and done, Obama will have severely tarnished, if not outright ruined, the Democrats brand (although they helped enormously by latching on to the Obama phenomenon).

Well, for the first time ever, a major news poll has Dems below the 40% approval threshold.  Make no mistake about it, this is Obama's doing.  Sure he had Pelosi and Reid's help but they were doing his bidding, they saw the party as his and they ran their respective fiefdoms under that presumption.

So, "I told ya' so" number 1.

Next, the headlines declaring the final bursting of the Obama bubble are poring in fast and furious (pun intended), so let me restate yet again what I have said over and over...Obama did not disappoint, he delivered exactly what he was capable of delivering.  He was always ever destined to be terrible, a mediocrity at best, but more likely a true failure.  History will not ponder why he was so small, it will ponder why we made him so big. 
Why we expected a man with no discernable track record or proven record of leadership to lead and to achieve in the name of this massive and complex society is a story of historical proportions. Did we think that plucking just any man off the street - essentially what we did - to wield enormous power was wise?
Finally, I also want to highlight, yet again, that I called it - "pig in a poke" - on November 19, 2008.  That is about as early a call as is out there.

Oh, and there is this...
Us conservatives have said, time and again, that this is precisely what you get when you elect a man such as Obama.
- When you elect a man that has never had a real job, you will not get economic vitality
- When you elect a radical Alinskyite Chicagoan, you will get unsavory, bare-knuckled politics, not unifying optimism
- When you elect somebody nobody knows anything about, you will get unpleasant surprises
- When you get someone who disparages America, you will get policies that hurt America
- When you elect a man who has achieved nothing save getting elected, you will get nothing but campaigning
They've called us crazy for years.  How dare you call Obama incompetent.  How dare you call him empty. How dare you call him feckless in foreign policy.  How dare you call him economically ignorant.  How dare you call him thuggish.  How dare you call him radical.  How dare you call him narcissistic  How dare you.
I patiently await the apologies from lefty twits who let fanboy euphoria dictate the direction of this great and historically consequential country.  Dickheads.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Venezuela Imports First Ever Oil

Alas, the wonders of Socialism.  First coffee, now oil...

Venezuela, the country with the largest reserves of oil in the world, has just imported its first cargo of crude oil.  Ever.

Cue the Aneurin Bevan quote:
Famous British Labor politician Aneurin Bevan once dismissed the possibility of radical unionism hurting Britain's coal industry by saying " “This island is made mainly of coal and surrounded by fish. Only an organizing genius could produce a shortage of coal and fish at the same time.

Of course, Labor policies went on to produce exactly that before Margaret Thatcher had to right the ship.
Of course, you could say that only an organizing genius (or socialism) could produce a shortage of oil in Venezuela that sits atop vast oceans of oil...

Monday, October 13, 2014

Peter Thiel Says We're In a Government Bubble

I've said essentially the same thing many many times, but this guy is some guruish genius...?

Anyway, at least I can say that my theories are hardly quackery...

European Green Retreat Continues...

Remember I said that Europe would begin the long slog to regain its competitiveness by embracing energy that works (and that is cheap) in lieu of continuing with the expensive chimera of energy alternatives?

Well, here it just one tidbit...that plentiful Canadian oil isn't so dirty after all.

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Deep Blue Philly Cancels Teachers' Contract, Says "Pay Up" for Benefits

One more milestone has been passed in the slow-rolling, but inevitable, crash of what Walter Russell Mead calls the "blue state model".  The school district of Philadelphia has unilaterally cancelled its contract with the teachers' union and forced them to pay more for their benefits.

Of course, all hell is breaking loose and the rhetoric is as one would expect from the far reaches of leftism (i.e. paying $50/per month makes you an indentured servant, much the same way that the lack of free birth control is a war on women or not allowing unlimited immigration is racism, etc.), and yet these poor bastards don't even know that this is a first step, a mere beginning the cratering and retrenchment that must befall the numerous bankrupted hives of progressivism from Detroit on down the line. 

I've said that Philly and Chicago and LA are next.  A robust economy could have postponed these time bombs for longer but, well, Obamanomics was never going to achieve that despite their fervent desires.  More to come.

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Defensive Crouch Due to Obama Leads to Corporate Health

Here, Bloomberg News tries to give credit for corporate America's unprecedented health to Obama.
They are among a chorus of corporate executives and lobbying groups that regularly assail Obama for policies that they say are stifling investment and hurting companies.
Corporate and economic statistics almost six years into his administration paint a different picture. Companies in the Standard & Poor’s 500 (SPX) Index are the healthiest in decades, with the lowest net debt to earnings ratio in at least 24 years, $3.59 trillion in cash and marketable securities, and record earnings per share.
True, corporations are in excellent financial health.  The reason is that Obamanomics and Obama's gangster style of government (of which Henninger opines today) has so thoroughly degraded the investment climate that companies haven't been investing, but hoarding cash and paying down debt.  Thus they are healthy.  I predicted this years ago.

On another note, here is another story from Bloomberg News that highlights a small example of what we can expect to happen writ large across America, broke-ass governments - from cities to counties to states, and eventually the federal government - are going to be devolving the "services" they offer.
New York municipalities are getting out of the nursing-home business, ridding themselves of a financial burden just as baby boomers head into old age.
Four publicly owned homes for the elderly are on the block, after at least 11 of the 40 counties outside New York City that owned the safety nets for the poor sold or closed them since 1997, according to data compiled by Bloomberg and the Center for Governmental Research in Rochester.
The governments are responding as Wall Street takes note of the fiscal strain: Orange County, a New York City exurb, lost its top grade from Moody’s Investors Service in March and had its rating cut again in August. The company cited almost $37 million in subsidies to Valley View Center for Nursing Care & Rehabilitation since 2012. In contrast, Moody’s raised neighboring Rockland in July after the county found a buyer for its Summit Park Hospital and Nursing Care Center.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Does Not Follow

Since we are on the subject of the media's pathetic obsessions, CALPERS recent decision to ditch all of their hedge fund investments has stirred up the predictable pot shots at hedge funds  (fortunately, sans the Freudian projection...)

Let's not rehash the active vs. passive investing smackdown yet again.  But riddle me this...

We know that government is woefully deficient at most things it undertakes.  Furthermore, we know that CALPERS is a particularly egregious example of the characteristics that make government terrible at what it does (i.e. patronage staffing, massive bureaucracy, poor incentives).  A simpleton could have predicted that CALPERS would turn out to be terrible at investing in hedge funds, and,  alas, they were.  How is this evidence that hedge funds stink?

Hedge funds may indeed be a scam, a raw deal and the root of all evil, but the fact that California's pension bureaucracy sucks at what it does is not evidence of anything other than that government bureaucracies suck.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Told Ya' So

So, Mark Levin agrees with me that we have overt and deliberate insubordination by military brass.

Dangerous and dicey situation.  Yet we deserve it, we elected and re-elected a deleterious force to American safety, security and life.

The Left's Pathetic Obsession With Football

Noah Rothman over at HotAir outlines what he feels is the Left's "War on Football."  Read it, it's good.  I don't disagree with much of it, although I think it's less of a "war" than a Gramscian march through the institutions.  The NFL, in my view, is succumbing to Conquest's Second Rule of Politics.
Any organization not explicitly right-wing sooner or later becomes left-wing.
One could argue that the Left really need do nothing, football will destroy itself ala Conquest.  Although one could also argue that football's demise is not meeting with the Left's preferred timetable and, alas, needs aggressive treatment. 

The Left, you see, has always been going after football.  Check out this recent cover of Time...

and check out this 1965 issue of Esquire

The Left's obsessions really are pathetic.

Aside...the cover headline reads "Heaven help him - he's about to play 60 minutes of pro ball."  Wait, I thought prayer and sports were to be unquestionably separated as an egregious affront to all that is decent...?  Not only are the Left's obsessions pathetic, but it's just too damn hard to keep up with their schtick.  (Truly it is.)

Maybe Kerry Should Try Bribery, Coercion, Extortion, etc

Benny Avni of the NY Post accurately claims that the "coalition" that Lightworker Man has assembled is Potemkin bullshit.  Yet, he passes up the opportunity to skewer John Kerry, as this was the man who derided George W. Bush's actual, real coalition as the "coalition of the bribed and coerced and the bought." 

There is much to be said about our atrocious Secretary of State, but suffice it to say that, if you believe this accusation, at least GWB and his State Department were effective at doing.  Kerry, it would seem, can't form a coalition either through persuasion or coercion.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Crisis Management at the NFL Created a Worse Problem

The NFL has been sucked into the maw of the Political Correctness Twilight Zone where nothing escapes punishment, where you cannot win no matter what you do.

Think of the crazy position they are in now - they are in crisis mode to appease a group of people that are marginal at best to their interests - women (yes, I said it, women are marginal to the economics and standing of the NFL).  The primary victim in the touchstone scandal - Janay Rice - is pleading for her privacy and for this all to go away, and yet the NFL is bowing to the domestic abuse furies putatively in the interests of this woman and all women. 

Such are the dynamics of Political Correctness in America today, you are forced into an illogical and untenable position.  The NFL could have avoided this by taking a bold stance on one of the two sides, either a)  we have zero tolerance for domestic abuse, therefore Ray Rice (and whoever else) is banned from the league for life, no appeals, or b) we are not moral arbiters, we are an entertainment business and our employees' personal lives are their own; crimes will be referred to the justice system, but we don't adjudicate behavior.

I don't know which position is the better one, but either one would be clear and unequivocal, and thus defensible in a pluralistic society.  Instead they find themselves in the murky middle trying to assuage and muddle through with no strong position against their attackers and no strong stance in favor of their interests.

Such are wages of bowing to the gods of Political Correctness in America.

Not "Death Panels" but "Overhauling End-of-Life Care"...

Oh, but that idiot Sarah Palin is an idiot for saying "death panels"...

See if you can spot all the euphemisms for "letting old people die and not using up our healthcare dollars" in this gibberish...
The country’s system for handling end-of-life care is largely broken and should be overhauled at almost every level, a national panel concluded in a report released on Wednesday.
“The bottom line is the health care system is poorly designed to meet the needs of patients near the end of life,” said David M. Walker, a Republican and a former United States comptroller general, who was a co-chairman of the panel. “The current system is geared towards doing more, more, more, and that system by definition is not necessarily consistent with what patients want and is also more costly.”
But some recommendations, like changing the reimbursement structure so that Medicare would pay for home health services instead of emphasizing hospital care, and so Medicaid would have better coverage of long-term care for the frail elderly, would require congressional action. 
It calls for a “major reorientation and restructuring of Medicare, Medicaid and other health care delivery programs” and the elimination of “perverse financial incentives” that encourage expensive hospital procedures while growing numbers of very sick and very old patients want low-tech services like home health care and pain management
You see, those damn old and sick people take up hospital beds and doctors' time when they could be at home, drugged-up, with one of those useless home healthcare professionals (ever talked to your average home healthcare professional?).

Hey, here is a radical idea, why not let patients decide what they want...expensive hospital-based healthcare or home healthcare and "pain management" (perhaps my favorite healthcare euphemism!). 

And why does healthcare have to be a "system", why is it not a marketplace, a series of capabilities and options available to people based on their preferences and choices???

Top General Contradicts Obama

Pretty much all news outlets this morning are reporting one version or another of this headline,
"Top military official opens door to ground troops in ISIS fight, despite Obama pledge".

While this is not a full-blown rebellion, in the world of Washington DC and big-time military politics, this is a significant instance of insubordination.

Now, I predicted something along these lines, although a tad more conspiratorial.  My general theme was that there was significant dislike, to put it mildly, of Obama among top military brass.  (I'm not talking just a handful of generals, but a pervasive resentment and distaste for Obama's worldview among the highest echelons of the military.)  With that background, I said that if Obama chose to ignore a SIGNIFICANT threat to the US or looked to be making a CATASTROPHIC blunder in decision-making, that there would be insubordination to some degree or another by the generals.  Here were my exact words:
I have heard, through my sources who don't talk loosely or lightly, some pretty outlandish speculation that there are those inclined within high US military command that could (not intent but inclined, not would but could, as in depending, maybe, and I'm hedging 'til the cows come home here) deploy US military assets in assistance to Israel in the absence of such a command from President Obama. Yes, it is crazy but the danger is so great, the implications so vast, and the viewpoints so at odds that, well, who knows. One source has even told me that in such a scenario, the US military would act and give Obama the opportunity to say he went along after the fact so as to keep civil order here at home and preserve the appearance of legality.
That was a significant speculation (but informed speculation), and I was talking about war between Israel and Iran; but, the point holds - in the event of a significant threat and the likely event of a catastrophic non-decision by Obama, the military could go a tad rogue.  Were Obama to be highly unpopular, as he is now, such a course of action by the military would be much easier to pull off.

Is this what is going on?  We have the Islamic State, which appears to be as significant a threat as we've seen in a while; we have an unpopular POTUS who has clearly chosen to do the bare minimum to address the threat...hmmmm....

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Putin Takes Down Another Billionaire

Who knows what the inside baseball is here, either a) he got uppity, or b) Putin just wants his oil company.